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Group Members


Aharon Kakoly

Graduate Student

I study the possibility that a significant fraction of the volume of low- and intermediate- mass dark matter halos is occupied by cool (~10,000 K) gas, rather than the prevailing consensus of localized cool clouds immersed within a dominant hot gas (~million K) medium. I explore this possibility by studying the properties of UV absorbers in the FIRE cosmological simulations and comparing to observed UV absorption spectra. 

Nadav Naor

Graduate Student

I study the astrophysical properties and the dynamics of rotating cooling flows -- cooling flows with angular momentum, in the context of the formation and evolution of spiral galaxies. I do so through the use of idealized 3D hydrodynamic simulations and analytic models.

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Roy Goldner

Graduate Student

My project fucuses on CGM dominated by supersonic turbulence, as expected in relatively low and intermediate mass halos with short cooling times. I derive analytic and numeric solutions for  the turbulence and flow of such CGM, and examine how they are affected by SNe-driven outflows.

Eden Giladi

Undergraduate Student

I evaluate temperature changes in the CMB due to the Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) effect based on cosmological simulations. I focus on the kinetic SZ effect caused by the rotational velocity of the hot CGM, in systems similar to the Milky Way.


Guy Shtainer

Undergraduate Student

My project focuses on the analysis of FIRE simulations and idealized GIZMO simulations to study the characteristics of shock waves induced by feedback in the Circumgalactic Medium (CGM). I'm also setting up our group’s HPC cluster on AWS.

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